Alezeia F.V Illustration

Alezeia F.V Illustration

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My name is Alezeía and I am an Illustrator.

Hi Alezeíaaa.

Everything started after I graduated in drama design, around 2008.

Do you remember the economic crisis, yes, not so many jobs around and even less in theatre. I decided to study illustration at Arte 10, just for fun and BOOM my heart, blinded by Theatre love until now, got split in two. 

For a while I choose to live on stage and just keep drawing in my free time, which was not much. Still, I managed to make a lot of drawings that eventually got alive and started tormenting me. Some eat with their mouth open, some change the furniture around, while others jump around in their sleep; I had found a real pleasure that I could not ignore any longer. 

I most enjoy books with huge illustrations that you can dive in and also books with tiny illustrations that you need to keep them safe like treasure.

It is a must to know that: I love to wear costumes and make my characters wear them as well; It is always a great time to chat about Folk dresses; That I hate writing about myself, so please feel free to fill up the rest of my bio as your imagination pleases.

Alezeia & Vaca


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